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Cultivating Ag Growth for Canada’s Economy

Agri-business has a long history as a cornerstone of the Canadian economy. In Western Canada this is becoming increasingly the case. New realities, global and domestic, threaten the status quo. Canada has been losing ground in both export markets and at home. But the opportunities are there for agri-business to emerge as one of Canada’s economic drivers.

At Osborne Interim Management we understand the issues, the challenges and the opportunities. With our team of experienced executives and our agri-business background, we can help our clients manage the challenges and create solutions for success.

Agri-Business Challenges
  • Scarce labour and management resources
  • Securing financing for new ventures, new technologies and expansions
  • Marketing to address the growing gap between producer and consumer
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Traceability, food safety and security
  • Sustainability of current practices in agriculture and agri-processing
  • Changing policies and trade agreements with respect to supply management and government programs
  • NGO special interest groups
  • Changing food trends and dietary concerns
Agri-Business Opportunities
  • Value chain development to build competitive advantage
  • Precision agriculture, big data and other technologies like drones and satellite imagery
  • Investment in R&D to foster innovation and exploit new technologies
  • Drive productivity and sustainability with innovation and leading management practices
  • Adapt to evolving domestic market demographics to compete against imports; buy local initiatives
  • Embrace trade agreements to expand markets
  • Accessing government grants and programs
  • Next generation economies – bio, organic, health, green, sustainable
  • Identity preserved crops
  • Focus on healthy eating and lifestyles as a link to resolving health care crisis

Meet Norm Dreger

Our Ag Expert

Norm has over 30 years of experience in the agri-business sector. His numerous and wide-ranging positions have included both technical and commercial roles. He has applied his collaborative management style to senior level assignments in Canada, North America, Europe and globally. He’s as comfortable in a multi-national’s boardroom debating strategy as he is leading field staff through successful implementation. Norm is equally adept at engaging with producers and connects with people, asking the right questions to uncover the real issues.

Read Norm’s full profile.

Want to Know More?

If you require assistance with your agri-business please contact us.

Mark Olson
Managing Partner
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Gord Forbes
Managing Principal
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Proven Success

Barr-Ag - Hay and Grain Exporters

Barr-Ag farms over 31,000 acres throughout Alberta with the principal export being forage crops, timothy and alfalfa hay. It sells into Korea, Japan, Taiwan, UAE, UK and the US. The Osborne Principals assessed the current state of the business, reviewed the existing strategic plan and identified areas for improvement and prioritized implementation. They also mentored the sons who have been brought into the business full-time in senior management roles.

Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association

A voluntary farm advocacy organization dedicated to developing policy solutions that strengthen the profitability and sustainability of farming and the agricultural industry. Employing a synergistic team approach, Osborne supports all functions associated with the responsibilities of a not-for-profit Executive Director, including policy development, stakeholder relations, revenue growth, communications and accounting. These tasks are performed by various team members who have the required and relevant specialized skill sets.

Stockmen’s Memorial Foundation

It was first organized in 1980 by members comprising of ranchers, farmers and individuals who wanted to commemorate the Canadian livestock industry. Osborne facilitated Board sessions to confirm purpose and objectives, business model sustainability and opportunities for growth and increased relevance.

Our Ag Clients

We’re proud of the work we’ve done on behalf of our agricultural clients. To view our industry client list , please click here.

  • Agrifoods International Cooperative
  • Alberta Pulse Growers
  • AVAC
  • Barr-Ag
  • CANTERRA Seeds
  • DynAgra Corporation
  • OPI Systems
  • Syngenta Canada
  • Stockmens Memorial Foundation
  • Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association
Representative Assignments
  • Executive Director, Western Canadian Industry Association
  • Go-to-Market Process Assessment, Canadian Division of Global Crop Protection Company
  • Strategic Plan Development, Ranching Industry Association
  • Marketing Manager, Ag Services
  • Interim VP of Engineering and Research, Bio-Products
  • Interim Plant Manager, Food
  • Facilitated Strategic Planning Process, Agri-Business Co-op
  • Mentor and Strategic Advisor, Agri-Processing
  • Interim VP of Corporate Development, Bio-Fuels
  • Senior Financial Assessment, Agri-Processing
  • Compensation Review, Ag Services
  • Interim HR Manager, Food
  • Interim Director of Operations, Food
Representative Case Studies

A Succession Plan Required Someone Other Than the Father to Mentor His Two Sons to Take Over the Agri-Services Retail Business

An Osborne Principal Was Engaged in the Role of Mentor to Transition the Existing Junior Accountant into a Controller Role at a Manufacturing Company

The Largest Manufacturer and Distributor of Tofu Products in Canada Needed Someone in a Project Leadership Role to Work with its CEO and Management Team as the Company Approached a Transitional Phase in its Corporate Development and Growth

Osborne Implemented a Synergistic Approach to an Executive Director Position for an Ag Association


A Bio Products Company Required Assistance to Commercialize its Manufacturing Process, Reduce Production Costs and Provide Product Quality That Was Consistent

Grain Silos

When an Ag Sector Company Underwent a Major Expansion of its Facility Unforeseen Issues Resulted in a Temporary Shutdown of Operations and Loss of Revenue

Grain Silos

An Unfavourable Relationship with an Agent, Including Undervalued Pricing, was a Challenge for an Ag Manufacturing Company

Osborne Provided Executive Advisement to an Industry Foundation that was Questioning its Relevance and Whether to Hire New Leadership

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