We provide senior executives, business advisors and specialized consultants who can deliver solutions to our clients’ needs on a flexible contract basis when they are experiencing challenges during transition, rapid growth, loss of leadership, or economic uncertainty.

Why Using Osborne Expertise Will Help You Succeed

Osborne Interim Management offers specialized senior consultants across multi industry disciplines with deep functional and technical expertise. We understand that gaining access to any resource is an overwhelming and time consuming process which can delay business critical needs. Our team of interim managers and business advisors can add quick and effective access to industry best practices, new technologies, process improvement and functional expertise.

Our interim managers all have senior level executive experience; they knew how to plan, resource and implement changes for improved performance in the business environment before electing the interim management model to continue their careers. The interim manager brings value to the assignment by applying a fresh and objective perspective to the assignment and focuses on results rather than his/her future in the organization’s hierarchy. An interim manager, often “sensibly over qualified”, can provide the leadership necessary to initiate and solidify change in any organization.

Our approach is tailored to the requirements of our clients; an organization may need an executive consultant for a specific project that requires a specialized skill set, but doesn’t call for a full-time position. Or perhaps there is a senior staffing gap left by someone on a leave of absence, or seasonal fluctuations require someone to step in temporarily. Or maybe there is a new technology that you want to embrace, but don’t have the staff or know-how to handle it on your own. No matter the situation, Osborne Interim Management has the skills and can assist in your time of need.

Some examples of where we solve client challenges:

Our Process

Our interim managers and business advisors work according to explicit contracts with a defined scope of work and outcomes that have been thoroughly discussed with, and agreed to by, our clients.


  • Initial client meeting
  • Confidential disclosure agreement signed
  • Client provides high level overview

No Cost Analysis

  • Potential OIM resources identified
  • Second no obligation client meeting
  • Needs analysis undertaken
  • Client provides helpful background documents
  • Possible “white paper” scope of needed work
  • Discussion of next steps and budget
  • Formal proposal/services agreement presented


  • Formal services agreement
  • Sign off by both parties
  • Start date confirmed
  • Introduction of OIM to client’s team


  • Regular reporting
  • Focus on deliverables
  • Regular “check-ins”
  • Adjust scope if required


  • Client debrief
  • Managing Principal meeting
  • Determine any future needs
  • Case study and testimonial
  • Client satisfaction assured


  • Seamless transition
  • No additional costs (ie. benefits, holiday pay)
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