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Osborne Interim Management provides senior executives, business advisors and specialized consultants who can deliver solutions to our clients’ needs on a flexible contract basis when they are experiencing challenges during transition, rapid growth, loss of leadership or economic uncertainty.

Our Interim Managers and Senior Advisors temporarily fill gaps where specific skills are lacking, bring specialized and valuable leadership to the organization, are accountable for their work, produce tangible results and leave the organization once the issue has been resolved, a full-time executive is in place and/or the project is completed.

We’re always looking for senior executives who want to leverage their business experience into contract and business advisory work and would be committed to contract work as a career. We are not a search or placement firm. Our Principals and Advisors collaborate to develop opportunities and fulfill mandates awarded to us by our valued clients. If you want to enjoy a more flexible lifestyle, but at the same time be part of a talented peer group interested and able to make a difference, then please submit the form, including your resume. Osborne offers admin and marketing support and the counsel of an experienced management team. And, it’s certainly more fun than working alone!

Why Choose Osborne?

We understand that our company is only as good as the Principals and Senior Advisors it works with; we choose the best because it’s what our clients expect. If you become part of the Osborne Interim Management team, you become much more than a name and resume in a database.

The benefits to joining our team are:

  • Expand your client network through fellow Principals, Osborne Business Advisors and our national and global alliance partners.
  • Access to industry memberships, joint marketing initiatives and co-op market development program.
  • Foundation of a solid corporate brand supported with quality management, marketing and administration.
  • Augment your income with referral fees for new contracts.
  • Opportunity to be a part of integrated team solutions, working with a client concurrently with other executives or as part of a staged proposal.
  • Subscription to a cloud computing service which includes a library of resources and marketing materials and allows you to connect and collaborate with fellow team members.
  • Social interaction with like-minded professionals.
  • Affordable participation in errors and omissions and general liability insurance.
  • A focus on interim contract work versus executive search/headhunting.


Please note that we are a contract consulting firm – this is not a salaried position nor is work guaranteed.

Current Requirements

Why Become an Interim Manager with Osborne?

Osborne Interim Management Principal Dave Quist shares why he joined Osborne and what he feels are the benefits of being part of the team.

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