Our Wishes for 2020

With the start of a new year and a new decade, the Osborne team has sharpened its vision and took a few moments to share their wishes for 2020.

On behalf of Osborne Interim Management, we would like to wish you much health and prosperity!


Despite an understandable air of uncertainty across the province, I remain optimistic. It was hope, hard work and innovation that built a strong Alberta economy and that’s what it will take to return to economic buoyancy. Those of us that have lived here since the 8o’s have been through three different iterations of boom and near bust so perhaps with that historical perspective, it is easier for us boomers to be more optimistic. There is no question that businesses and individuals will need to reinvent themselves, pivot organizationally, professionally and in some cases personally. As the old saying goes, a rising tide raises all boats, some of which should never have been in the water. And when the tide starts to go out, they’re beached. If you look at the fact that 60 cents out of every dollar in this province is spent on health care and education, it makes sense that business would look to work with academia and social services to grow skills and attain socially responsible goals. Calgary boasts a talented and diverse labour force. Many of our newcomers were scientists and accomplished professionals overseas only to be forced into roles well below their capabilities as new Canadians. As well, you have an older and very capable demographic with a richness in business management looking to get back to being engaged in a meaningful way. Finally, a word about mental health for which the level of awareness has never been higher; having seen the gaps in service delivery over the years I am heartened by the investment here to support our youth. The new centre being built in Calgary will serve a critical need, especially for those in their late teens and on the brink of defined adult status. In 2020, let’s celebrate progress and achievement more on all fronts and push negativity into the far corner of our lives.


Reflecting on most topics over the past year is, or can be, quite the exercise. Do we reflect on our personal or family highlights, goals or milestones achieved, challenges overcome, personal bests, or the more poignant, lives or loves lost?

Maybe the best approach is to ask ourselves a few qualifying questions to get perspective on what is most meaningful to each of us. I believe that our reflections don’t necessarily need to be about front page news, it can be as simple as reflecting on the passing of a pet or acquiring one.

While some reflections may be solemn ones, take the time to include the ones that make you grateful and provide encouragement for the year to come.

I wasn’t in a hurry for 2019 to end as it was one of my best years yet! Hitting my mid-forties I decided to check off a bucket-list item that had been sitting lost and idle since I was 27 – to compete in a fitness/bodybuilding competition! While exercising and leading a somewhat healthy lifestyle was not new to me, I had no idea the amount of hard work, discipline, commitment and physical and mental capacity that would be needed to meet and exceed my goal. With each surpassing day and milestone I felt more energized, optimistic and even younger – how good is that?!

So, my hope for friends, family, clients and colleagues is to embrace change, get uncomfortable, check something notable off your bucket list and make whatever goals you have a top priority – if you want it badly enough you can make it happen. With some determination, ambition, and don’t forget fun, perhaps this will be your best year yet!


I embrace every new year with a brief look in the rearview mirror. Two thousand nineteen was a strange year for the folks living in Calgary, throughout our great province and across our wonderful country. Some amazing accomplishments. Strong commitments that will make our communities better. Combined with a tough economy that continues to create challenges for far too many. There is great opportunity ahead. Some of it will come in 2020. More will come in the decades that follow as we work together building value in our future. Success has always been a long game. My biggest wish for the year ahead is for all our citizens to find civility. For our leaders to recognize the greatness in everyone. For our business and community leaders to instill hope in the future and guide us in partnerships with those who enable their inspiring dreams and visions. May your year be blessed with good health and happiness.


Two thousand nineteen was busy, although more importantly, productive and satisfying.

As I read a recent article in ATB’s “The Owl”, I recognized myself, colleagues and clients in the article.

I worked in a new role every three years, although for the same company for a third of a century before moving to other opportunities. That’s the 1950’s-1980’s bar.

Well into my career, I went back to school and took an MBA while working, and was fortunate to work for an organization that put significant resources into a minimum of two weeks of training a year. That’s reflected in the last two bars.

As an Osborne Principal, I am continually upgrading my education and experience through professional development (e.g. have attended a number of conferences in the past weeks) and “on-the-job” training I gain from client work.

The “WAY” I work continues to evolve with expanded use of web meetings and webinars to supplement in-person communications whenever practical.

The bottom bar represents many of my clients, myself, colleagues … and my children who I’m proud to say are both working in their chosen areas of interest with passion.

As ATB’s “The Owl” states, “lines are blurring between education, employment and retirement”.

I personally do not mind it at all, as I enjoy variety and learning opportunities.

Thank you all for being such good teachers!


Once again the calendar is turning over in anticipation of the new year. Reflecting on the past year, I would like to thank the many dedicated volunteers, agencies, staff and Board members that I have had the pleasure to work with. Working with a wide variety of people and organizations is so rewarding – thank you!

Looking forward to 2020, I would wish everyone a Happy New Year. Many that I have been in contact with have faced challenges in 2019, but are looking forward to the coming year with hope and optimism.

I look forward to continuing and building the relationships that build our city, province and country.


As we reflect on the past and look forward with hope to the future, the one certainty is that the new decade will bring unforeseen challenges and unfathomable change. The events that defined the past decade resulted in massive personal and planetary changes. For a comprehensive Canadian perspective, check out journalist Eric Sorensen’s 12-minute review on YouTube. While it’s impossible to envision what’s ahead in our increasingly fast-paced, rapidly evolving global world, I feel there has never been a more exciting time to be alive. I wish health, happiness, and prosperity to my friends, clients, and colleagues in 2020 and the decade ahead.


In 2020, I hope Alberta will find its footing once again and take control of its destiny. A strong Alberta means a strong Canada. We cannot deny that Alberta has taken a number “below the belt” punches in the last few years, but continues to get up and fight another day. The economic conditions imposed on this province is akin to a national disaster, but without the national leadership growing a backbone to realize that conversion from fossil fuels to renewables cannot magically happen without Harry Potter’s assistance! The ingenuity all across Alberta is impressive, but it takes time to scale-up and there are many wonderful startups with a billion dollar potential in the R & D stage of proving their businesses will thrive. I welcome entrepreneurs like Amanda Hall, CEO of Summit Nanotech, or proven greentech leader, Audrey Mascarenhas, CEO of Questor Technology, who has hundreds of customers in the US, but not in Canada – go figure!

The future is here and improvements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) will impact our workforce tremendously, but we need to ensure that our way of life is sustainable for all, not just those who employ AI to save a few shekels. It has to be done with respect and the responsibility of wealth has never been more important to our society. We need to continue to support those organizations who make a difference in our communities, but that requires a broad-based population with the ability to survive and thrive.

We look forward to guiding and assisting our clients in these turbulent times and ensure we get across the choppy waters to safety on shore! Have a great 2020!


In a very complicated world, there are so many things that need to happen for the betterment of mankind. I will leave the bigger wishes; peace, eradication of famine, brotherly/sisterly love etc. for greater minds than mine. If I had one wish to make that I believe could have a profound impact on Alberta, Canada and indeed the world it would be a recognition and acknowledgement of the positive role that Canadian energy resources can play in the battle against global climate change.

Bob Hawkesworth

My wish for all of Osborne’s many friends and clients is discernment, clarity and focus. In 2020, may you be able to discern what is most needed, have clarity in the contributions you can make, and focus in the implementation of the goals you set.

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