News Release: Chris Whyte, a Cross Functional Leadership Expert, Joins Osborne

Osborne Interim Management is pleased to welcome Chris Whyte (MBA, B.Sc) to the team as a Senior Advisor.

Chris leverages his 30 years of leadership experience to assist organizations to identify market opportunities, develop winning strategies and enable operational capability. A true generalist capable of leading cross functional teams spanning operations, sales, marketing, and technology, he has a bias for action and a focus on implementation that drives results. He has served as an interim executive bridging short-term gaps in senior management as well as undertaken both long and short-term fractional assignments to add expertise and capacity to a team to drive specific business outcomes. A dynamic communicator, Chris has the ability to articulate a compelling vision that is accessible to all stakeholders, from board members and top executives to the frontline sales staff, guiding others so that they can clearly understand the importance and value of their contribution.

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