We understand specialty contract resources better than anyone else in Canada; it's what we do, and we do it well. We also understand that our company is only as good as the Principals and Senior Advisors we align with; we partner with the best because it's what our clients deserve.

What is the process for getting started?

If you’re considering an interim executive or business advisor, we would be happy to discuss your needs with you and recommend a solution. Once the scope of work is confirmed and the contractor(s) assigned, a services agreement is executed between Osborne Interim Management and you the client. Should the scope of work change or an extension be required, both parties will agree to the written revision.

How does Osborne Interim Management source and validate executive for its clients?

Most of our executive consultants are referred to us by present or former clients, current and past Principals and by executive search firms and transition firms. They must be able to demonstrate extensive business experience and have a lengthy record of achievements. A series of interviews are conducted with members of the Practice. Background and reference checks are completed. The executive who becomes a member of our interim management team must adhere to our professional and practice standards and, especially, to maintain strict confidentiality with respect to Osborne Interim Management’s undertakings with its clients.

What happens if we are not satisfied with the work being performed?

Osborne Interim Management provides management oversight for all its client work. If any issues develop we will rectify them to your satisfaction and in accordance with our services agreement. If, for whatever reason, the assigned consultant is unable to complete the work, or you are unhappy with her/his performance, we will find another resource from within our firm or, with your permission, bring in a sub-contractor to work under our guidance. In more complex assignments that may involve more than one business consultant, Osborne Interim Management will provide an internal project manager who will serve as the client’s single point of contact throughout.

How long does it take to put an interim executive or business advisor in place?

With Osborne Interim Management’s network of Principals and Senior Advisors, we pride ourselves in being able to source the right individual(s) and commence work within two weeks from the point of initial discussion with our client. If we do not have the right resource available we will declare that up front and recommend an alternative solution.

What are your rates and how often do you invoice?

Our rates vary depending on the scope of the work, the length/term of the assignment and whether or not there is travel involved. Once you factor in all the supplemental costs associated with full-time employment, an interim manager is a very cost effective and more flexible alternative for many organizations depending on the situation. You only pay for work undertaken and completed. We typically invoice every two weeks to coincide with your payroll cycle, but different arrangements can be made for project management and hourly consulting.

There is a wide range of professions represented within Osborne Interim Management’s practice membership, and a corresponding range in professional fees. The duration of the assignment and the qualifications required have an influence on the rates invoiced. These rates make an interim manager equivalent to the cost of a full-time executive when the applicable payroll taxes, benefit package, performance bonus, recruitment and severance costs are taken into account.

With our specialized consultants and business advisors the rate varies depending on the scope and duration of the project and can be delivered on a per diem or hourly basis.

Can I expect a return on the money I spend on an interim manager?

Yes. Interims are with your organization for a short time (usually 3 to 6 months) and are expected to produce results that will have value for your business over time. These expectations are laid out in the contract. Your interim manager can assist you in quantifying and tracking the benefits that will accrue to the delivery of the interim assignment.

How does an interim fit into the organization? Do I treat him/her like an employee, or like a consultant?

In some ways, the interim manager needs to fit into the existing management team like any other employee. An interim may be called upon to lead, manage or supervise other employees as part of the assignment and needs the kind of access to company information and company communications that is necessary for any executive to perform her or his duties. The interim, like an employee, should have a clear reporting path to the company’s top level of management for feedback and accountability. As a contractor, the interim is guided by the terms of reference defined in the contract.

What if we want to hire your consultant as a permanent employee?

Our consultants have made a career choice to operate independently and be marketed under the Osborne Interim Management umbrella. However, occasionally a situation evolves over time and both the client and the executive wish to expand their relationship. Osborne Interim Management has a supportive mechanism in place both within the client services and interim’s agreement which facilitates this process in a fashion that is fair for all.

Need More Answers?

If you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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