Let Osborne Help Your Charity or Social Enterprise

Is yours a relatively new Calgary-based charity or social enterprise that you believe is addressing an under-served segment of our community? You have a passionate, driven Executive Director and a Board with underdeveloped potential. You may be Southern Alberta’s best kept (not-for-profit) secret. However, you have more than your share of challenges. You aren’t funded by any level of government and you’re struggling to develop the capacity to deliver on your programming. You’re living from grant to grant and the donations can’t come in fast enough. You’re not sure if your strategic plan is realistic and if your governance model is suitable, but at this point you can’t afford the professional assistance to help you address all these issues.

Perhaps we can help?

We are looking to provide a hands-up to one Calgary-based charity or social enterprise. The not-for-profit sector has been extremely good to us and our dedicated team wants to give back.

There is no catch. You don’t have to pitch to win, you don’t need a 20-page proposal responding to five pages of criteria. You just need to tell us who you are, what you do, and why it matters. Send us that, plus the bio of the Executive Director and list of Board members. If you get our attention we will meet with you and the Board and draw up a plan.

We would like to hear from you by March 19th so that our team can make its decision by mid-April.

Oh, and thank you for what you do; you are an important part of the fabric that keeps our community strong and relevant!

About Osborne Interim Management

Osborne Interim Management provides senior executives, business advisors and specialized consultants who can deliver solutions to our clients’ needs on a flexible contract basis when they are experiencing challenges during transition, rapid growth, loss of leadership or economic uncertainty. We have the ability to offer integrated solutions to complex client needs due to our depth of specialized skill set and applied experience across a wide variety of disciplines and industries. Based in Calgary, Osborne Interim Management also has Principals and Senior Advisors operating out of British Columbia, Edmonton and Toronto.

To submit your request, or for additional information, please contact:

Mark Olson
Managing Partner
Osborne Interim Management

3553 31st Street NW, Suite 550
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
T2L 2K7

P: (403) 264-8195   ext. 1003
E: molson@osborneinterim.com

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