A Failed Hostile Takeover Left this Family Business Under-Capitalized, Vulnerable in its Dealings with Suppliers and Without an Established Sales Channel

The Client

A technology based designer and developer of protective armor used in the defense and public security sectors.

The Challenge

A failed hostile takeover by a private equity group had left this family business under-capitalized, vulnerable in its dealings with suppliers and without an established sales channel.

The Approach

Assuming the position of Interim Director of Corporate Development, an Osborne Principal began working with management and a new Board to re-establish the business and attract new investment. Osborne finance and marketing advisors assisted.

The Result

New investors were found and the company regained control of its destiny, adding staff and developing a more efficient and effective in-house manufacturing capability. With the additional capital, it was able to push forward with needed product development and registrations and grow its sales to a level that sustained operations and offered a brighter future for shareholders.

Want to Know More?

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Managing Partner
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Gord Forbes
Managing Principal
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