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What is Stakeholder Engagement?

Stakeholder engagement is the process by which companies communicate and get to know their stakeholders. By getting to know them, companies can better understand what they want, when they want it, how engaged they are and how the companies’ plans and actions will affect their goals. Furthermore, they can improve their communication and rethinking their strategies and operations, having long-term benefits such as brand reputation or first mover advantage. 

Best Practice Communications for Engaging Stakeholders

1. Delegate stakeholder conversations to most appropriate levels.

2. Use a phased process to ensure enough planning​.

  • Ensure timely dialogue with influencers and decision makers.
  • Consult with stakeholders to confirm level of understanding and support.​
  • Incorporate stakeholder input into strategy​.
  • Proactively manage issues and detractors.

3. Sequence messaging to build understanding and commitment​.

  • Start with briefings to facilitate stakeholder input​.
  • Develop positioning statements to gain alignment.
  • Create comprehensive information package to share with stakeholders as part of consultation process.    

4. Build trusting, meaningful relationships by being honest and open.

5. Seek “win-win”’ solutions and ensure no surprises.

6. Be approachable, seek input and understanding, provide straightforward feedback.

7. Ensure every voice is heard and considered​.

8. Engage in one-to-one conversations with supporters and detractors at least once during the process; subsequent conversations can be in groups, online, via teleconference, or during regular updates.

Stakeholder Engagement – A Vital Pathway to Project Success

Principal Judy Williams was asked to share her knowledge and experience about stakeholder engagement with project management students at the University of Calgary.

Meet Judy Williams

Judy’s ability to envision “the big picture” articulate meaningful messages that resonate with stakeholders, and facilitate “buy-in” by influencers and interest groups, ensures her clients effectively navigate today’s complex environment to achieve results. She helps organizations, Boards and leadership teams with their strategic planning and communication initiatives, stakeholder relations, advocacy campaigns, market research and brand management. Judy brings a broad perspective to client assignments having held senior positions in oil and gas, telecommunications, not-for-profit, healthcare and post-secondary education. Her ability to position a business using clear focused communications advances critical yardsticks for her clients.

Read Judy’s full profile.

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