Providing Senior Level Capacity in Key IT Functional Areas

At virtually every stage of growth most companies’ need for the support of key systems addressing management challenges require specialists on their executive teams. Often, they are reluctant to add senior full-time resources because of the additional overhead and uncertainty of length of time requiring that specialty. Some of the most common areas include: system integration, enterprise architecture, network, infrastructure, vendor management and senior advisory. Filling these gaps of in-house expertise can be quickly added, whether on a project-based full-time requirement or fractional/part-time basis. Often, filling these senior roles is necessary to address critical needs where time and budget are primary drivers. Using these IT consultants in a timely manner allows enterprises to address their business systems’ imperatives as they scale up, or in some cases scale down, and prepare for today’s fast-paced business challenges.

Senior IT Expertise on an As-Needed Basis

Often smaller organizations have relatively few technical resources, and for the most part the focus is primarily keeping existing systems and support working. But often there can be a lack of substantial planning for future business requirements. Many times the environments contain disparate systems, resulting in their inability to address the changing business system’s needs. Gaining access to key senior resources becomes critical, and often the challenge is balancing budget with expertise required over a short span.

There are several ways smaller organizations can take advantage of tapping into senior level expertise. Key among these is, while many may not require a CIO, they can benefit from having that level of expertise to assist in the strategic planning process. Often this role can be very effective on a fractional/part-time basis. Effective and timely use of senior level resources give these smaller enterprises the ability to be, or remain, competitive. These senior resources also include the many specialists such as ERP, infrastructure, risk and compliance, operational, technical as well as functional.

Case Study

Meet Shaun See

Shaun is an information technology professional with over 30 years of experience in increasingly senior leadership and strategic roles. Skilled at developing and executing IT strategies, Shaun has a broad range of experience in information systems, including: IT management, managed operations, technical architecture design and implementation, disaster recovery and project management. He has established a reputation for working with client executives to be able to simplify complex IT concepts and relate them to the business to facilitate strategy and decision making. Shaun is a senior leader in the IT field who leverages his strong technical skills, respect for the individual and broad experience to bring success to his team.

Read Shaun’s full profile.

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