Helping Your Enterprise with a Covid-19 Relaunch Strategy

We recognize that what we are going through right now is a game changer, the likes of which we have never seen. However, our Principals and Senior Advisors have lived through many other economic downturns, natural disasters and geopolitical events that altered the way business had to be done. We may not have all the answers, but we do have the experience and desire to lead your team in a discussion of “what’s next?”

Our core clientele, small and medium-sized businesses and not-for-profit organizations, have been hurt the worst. However, within that universe are entrepreneurs and business builders with that determined Canadian work ethic that helped our parents and grandparents survive some very chaotic times.

We also have the benefit of very extensive networks of professional resources that we can refer you to for additional assistance. There are a number of questions attached to each business discipline that we have worked in. If any (or all) of these catch your attention, please contact us. We’re here to help, now, with the long-term success of your organization in mind.

How We Want to Help

We are all in this together and we at Osborne want to do our part to help and support struggling small and medium-sized businesses and not-for-profits. It’s what we do and we have a history of doing it well.

So we are offering a complimentary, no obligation, consultation meeting between your organization and a team of our established Principals and Senior Advisors. This 2-3 hour meeting will allow you to share your challenges and concerns, consider what direction you want your organization to take, and then together we can advise on strategies and best practices based on various scenarios to hopefully get you there. You will then receive a recorded copy of the meeting.

The Importance of Liquidity and Cash Reserves Require New Acumen in the Financial Function

Do you need to upgrade your financial management department to support the treasury component? Are you getting the kind of cash flow analysis reporting ownership/governance needs to prepare for the future? Can you outsource your full-cycle accounting and focus on strategic management (accounting) to help your business model through the different scenarios that we may see throughout the year? Are you prepared to go through a zero-based budgeting exercise that ignores all previous assumptions?

Board Governance is Crucial, More than Ever

Boards are the ultimate authority on what happens and under what criteria. Good ones focus on this using approved policies and procedures and ensuring the right leader is in place. Boards normally focus on strategy, fiduciary duties and risk and this is particularly important when things get chaotic. Things tend to get a bit stressful and conflict can happen, even when there are clear lines and expectations of management. Boards and management still need balance, with clarity, and sometimes with adjusted expectations and more frequent reporting. Boards will also have a greater focus on the preservation of cash, ensuring the organization is sized properly for the market and capacities, shareholder/stakeholder value, and staying as profitable as possible during these chaotic times.

Managing Risk – How to be Better Prepared in the Future

Surviving and thriving organizations are those with the ability to be aware, forecast and prepare for key risks. Managing these risks by implementing a robust and consistent risk management process, whereby the organization continually assesses and prepares for foreseeable risks and reduces surprises, is key. There is no “one size fits all” risk management program that can achieve these goals; however, the journey should begin with an understanding of what value you are trying to create as well as protect. Risk management’s value can be expressed in terms such as market share, profit, service management, project delivery, social services or knowledge management.

Managing Change During Uncertain Times

Time is of the essence and all the normal processes for decision making are often up in the air. Through no fault of the current management, things are confusing. It is difficult to realistically predict with certainty before advancing decisions. The most critical skill is the ability to adapt. Conditions will change and survival becomes immediate even for the best capitalized organizations. Sticking with the strategy becomes more difficult but staying true to your value proposition will never be more important. There are ways to address the chaos, to get the best information available, and to make those important “right now” decisions.

Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset – Human Capital

We can help your organization navigate the complex challenges of organizing, attracting, cultivating and/or retaining your top talent by examining and creating a strong and sustainable “four pillars of human resources management” plan which can: 1) build a high performance culture and highly engaged team, 2) attract high caliber talent and drive high employee retention, 3) directly enhance overall business results, and 4) create a culture of social giving and impact.

Communicating with Integrity and Impact

During a crisis, leaders need to stay grounded and focused on their strategy. How that is communicated engenders trust, respect, and action. Honesty, transparency and empathy are critical. Ensuring people are informed, motivated and inspired is vitally important. There are many approaches to this work that can position your enterprise to thrive in the future, while dealing with the important and immediate messaging that will ensure the best options are available to survive and right the ship. This work needs to stay strategic while using all of the tactics and experiences that have guided others through the most difficult of times.

Relevant Marketing that Matters

Your customers and users need to hear from you now more than ever.  Distribution channels are disrupted and supply chains are trying to react. The needs of your customers and users may be different or quickly evolving. Or maybe your business has pivoted or you’re a brave start-up so you’re targeting a new group of customers. The medium and messaging likely needs adjustment as well. Perhaps this is now the time to rethink your market positioning, your brand, or your visual identity. There are techniques and approaches to this work that will assist with creative marketing across various platforms.

Developing Digital Content that Works

As working from home becomes a new normal, it’s vital for you to meaningfully connect with employees, customers, and suppliers. There are techniques that help you create an online content strategy and develop timely, relevant content that gets results. Timeliness in times of uncertainty is important. The work done in the near term to deal with the need to rethink your enterprise can form a solid foundation for a more comprehensive strategy that will revitalize your positioning in the marketplace, and help to inspire your employees, volunteers and suppliers.

Not-for-Profit & Social Enterprise Are Needed Now More Than Ever

Charities and not-for-profit organizations have always played an important role in Canadian society. That hasn’t changed during this COVID-19 crisis, but it calls for innovative solutions. The “new normal” is going to be different, but it won’t be drastic. People, donors, recipients, participants, and sponsors will need to relate to you differently, but the reason behind each NFP or charity has likely remained consistent, or only slightly modified. The obligations on those who support your work have likely changed, and quickly adapting to these differences will impact upon your success. Combining the needs of everyone will require new processes while respecting the ones that have brought your organization to today. There are ways and techniques to prepare your organization for these new realities.

Managing the Health of Your People and the Organization

The COVID-19 crisis forced organizations to make drastic changes to their staffing situations in an unprecedented fashion and at a speed that didn’t allow for laboured consideration. Compound that by the ever-changing policies and programs implemented by the federal government and it’s understandable if you’re struggling to make sense of it all. Working from home brings new challenges such as balancing cost-savings with wanting to keep people employed, engagement, and nurturing the mental health of your people. HR policies will also need to be rewritten to account for this new dynamic. And when the time comes to get back to work other issues will need to be considered such as mending trust of laid off employees, reassessing what the new office environment looks like and finding a balance between onsite and work-from-home.

Adapting Policies and Procedures for the New Normal

For many organizations, policies are low on the priority list. While “just do it” may have worked, it is not a good way to get through the type of situations facing businesses today. It is also not a good way to build your organization for the future. Careful thought, analysis and understanding are all needed to ensure that your business remains ready to perform in the future. Existing government policies will also require analysis and their impact on your business. Government may need to be made aware of updates required for their policies and how they impact your business as well.

Opening Up Starts Locally

As the Canadian economy opens up in a staged manner, municipalities and agencies will be on the frontline communicating and engaging their respective business communities. Being investment-ready and having “open for business” strategies will need to be considered for the business “green shoots” that will want to take advantage of the opening markets, as well as resuscitating those businesses that have been most significantly impacted by COVID-19. There are ways to be positioned for success as things open up.

Maintaining and Developing New Revenue Streams

Your business development pivoted out of necessity to survive and support the pandemic effort. However, what have been the lessons learned and the practices adapted that can be contributors to your business/organization’s long-term future?


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