Siedo Tzogoeff

Siedo Tzogoeff, CHRP

Senior Advisor

Value Proposition

Siedo is results oriented with demonstrated ability to effectively lead teams in developing and implementing human resource management initiatives across a wide range of manufacturing and service industries, the public sector and NGO’s. Turning around dysfunctional employee cultures, developing and implementing new human resource-employee relations programs and establishing innovative/effective labour relations programs are among his specialties.

Selected Engagements

  • Developed and implemented a Human Resources Assessment/Capacity Model for five Vancouver Island (West Coast) First Nations that finalized treaty negotiations in 2011.
  • Conducted workplace harassment and breach of confidentiality investigations for several clients in BC.
  • Changed Human Resources Departments in a petro-chemical company and at a post-secondary educational institution from a transactional to a transformational mode.
  • Established a comprehensive insured benefits program for two employer groups resulting in net group savings of over $150,000 and over $180,000 respectively.
  • Developed and implemented key human resource policies covering human rights, conflict of interest, workplace relationships, on-boarding programs, violence in the workplace.
  • Developed a recovery plan after a joint job evaluation plan overpaid employees by $10 million. Final outcome was a recovery of nearly $5 million.
  • Developed an essential services model for the health care sector for the Saskatchewan government.
  • Planned, developed and implemented “situational interest-based collective bargaining” for two major public sector unions, reducing time for bargaining and disputes, resulting in negotiated agreements without 3rd party assistance.
  • Directed and supervised a large scale investigation into the inappropriate use of computer technology, resulting in the development of comprehensive policies on computer usage.
  • Negotiated in excess of three-hundred collective agreements, with only two work stoppages over 25 years.
  • Worked with several NGO Boards to restructure their vision, mission and goals.
  • Facilitated numerous labour relations seminars on developing an effective disciplinary process and managing a unionized workforce.


  • B.A. (Poli. Sci) – University of British Columbia
  • CHRP (Certified Human Resource Professional) Professional Development: Advanced Management Program – University of Western Ontario
  • Negotiation Skills Program – National Training Labs & Cornell University
  • Marketing Management – University of British Columbia
  • Strategic Management – Simon Fraser University

News & Articles

To learn more about Siedo please contact Managing Principal Gord Forbes.

Phone: (403) 264-8195   ext.1006
Toll Free: (888) 282-8450

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