Specialized Consultants That Can Fulfill Short-Term Project Requirements

The Solution

Often, a specific project arises that requires a specialized skill set that your employees do not possess, and even if they did, would not be able to fulfill because their current requirements already demand all of their time and attention. These projects are short-term in nature and therefore do not necessitate hiring a full-time or part-time employee. Also, often, the projects are time sensitive and need to be completed sooner rather than later. Contracting a specialized consultant, who is an expert in their chosen field, can bring your project to completion in a timely manner and with the attention and diligence required.


  1. Your not-for-profit Association is at a stand-still with regards to growing its membership base. Over the years, the demographic makeup of the current membership, and potential new members, has evolved and become more modern. You need to better understand this new demographic in terms of what concerns are of priority importance; how, when, and how often they want/need to be communicated with; what is their perceived value of the Association; what would they recommend for the future viability and effectiveness of the organization, etc. A consultant specializing in survey design and analysis would get you the answers you need. A research consultant knows the right questions to ask, knows how to interpret the data and can provide valuable recommendations on how to achieve your goals.
  1. Your management team, while qualified and effective, is in a rut; they seem indifferent and restless. You value them enough and don’t want to lose their talent and seniority to the competition, but you do not have the time, or skill set, to draw out their concerns effectively and create a personalized path to help each one feel rejuvenated and reaffirmed. An Executive Coach, as a consultant, uses a wide variety of behavioral techniques and methods to help the employee achieve a mutually identified set of goals to improve his/her professional performance and personal satisfaction, which will ultimately result in a culture with engaged employees and increased productivity.
  1. Your company’s website has become out of date, is not compatible with the various mobile devices on the market, and is not registering with search engines for key words and phrases. You have a full-time marketing person, but she does not have the capability, nor the time, to create a new website and implement a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. Hiring a consultant with website design, programming, content writing and SEO expertise on a project basis will allow you to get your company’s new website functioning quickly and effectively. The consultant can then train the full-time employee to execute updates as needed, or can be contracted on an as-needed basis to perform these updates and ensure the website is evolving and the SEO strategy continues to progress.

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