Filling Gaps Due to Absences or Transitions in Executive Teams

The Solution

Members of executive teams may be temporarily absent from time to time due to needed parental, medical or educational leave. Vital senior management roles may be left vacant for a period of time because of resignations, reorganization or retirement. The assumption that departmental staff will somehow fill in, or another executive will take on the absentee’s responsibilities in addition to his/her own role, seldom works out. An experienced interim manager working on contract can do much more than simply keep the chair warm. In addition to providing the administrative continuity needed during the incumbent’s absence or replacement process, the interim manager provides the team leadership required to maintain momentum on existing initiatives, initiate new improvement projects and provide accountability for business performance. Upon his/her return the incumbent can hit the ground running instead of spending six months to a year catching up on aspects of the job that were allowed to languish during the absence.


  1. Your COO was hired away by a competitor. You anticipate a lengthy search of six months to a year to find the right fit in a replacement. An experienced Interim Operations Manager working on contract can maintain productivity and performance that would decline if this vital executive role were left vacant for months. Ground lost to your competitor will be minimized and the new hire will launch into a fully functional, high-performance environment.
  1. Your young and ambitious Director of Human Resources has just introduced some new and needed policies on performance reviews, maintaining a respectful workplace and improving the organization’s health and safety record, but now requires a period of parental leave. An interim manager, qualified and experienced as an HR professional, will ensure these policies are implemented – in principle and in practice – and the HR Director can return to a functional situation and resume progress without missing a beat.
  1. The founder of a smaller, successful enterprise wants to retire from active, day-to-day management of the business. Success has been built on personal commitment, hard work over long hours and management intuition. The founder needs a General Manager, but has no idea how to go about the search, or even what the job entails from a professional management perspective. Here an experienced interim executive can help to define the general management function, outline its requirements and identify the supporting business systems that need to be put in place to make a first time General Manager hire a success for the company.

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