Business Lessons Learned Training for a Bodybuilding Competition

September 9, 2020
At 45 I entered my first bodybuilding competition. It was a dream I entertained since I was 27 and it sat untouched at the top of my bucket list. With

News Release: Peter Atkins, a Business Development Specialist, Joins Osborne

September 9, 2020
Osborne Interim Management is pleased to welcome Peter Atkins (MBA, BA) to the team in the role of Business Development. Peter has built his career as

News Release: Yvonne Thevenot, a Certified Change Management Professional, Joins the Osborne Team

September 1, 2020
Osborne Interim Management is pleased to welcome Yvonne Thevenot (B.Sc.Ag, MBA, ACMM, CCMP) to the team as a Senior Advisor. As a very successful lead

Mastering the Art of Business Writing

August 5, 2020
I’ve just completed the Professional Business Writing certificate at the University of Calgary. Ten online courses, 200 hours of reading, writing, c

Bouncing Forward to the Post Pandemic Workplace

July 9, 2020
The reopening of workplaces has begun after three or four months of closures. In a recent article published by the American Psychological Association

Risk Management Strategy for Your Organization in a Time of Chaos

May 17, 2020
We recognize that business interruption due to COVID-19 pandemic is a game changer. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) and not-for-profit organi

Open For Business – Considering our Post Pandemic Economic Recovery

May 5, 2020
There is an old saying – “never let a good crisis go to waste”. As our attention turns to reopening the economy as a result of the COVID

Is it Time to Return to the Bartering System in the Face of Catastrophic Economic Change?

April 8, 2020
As the world enters April 2020, there are many unsettling events and uncertain outcomes from the Covid-19 Virus pandemic. So much of what would be des

Top 5 Reasons for a Visual Re-brand

March 9, 2020
There comes a time in the evolution of many businesses when the visual representation of the company just isn’t working. Certainly the longer a comp

Stakeholder Engagement: A Vital Path to Project Success

February 10, 2020
Principal Judy Williams recently shared her knowledge and experience about stakeholder engagement with project management students at the University o

The Difference is People

February 3, 2020
Great leaders have repeated this adage over the years. Why does one organization succeed while the other fails? They both look like they are created e
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