The not-for-profit and social enterprise sector is an important part of the fabric that keeps our community strong and relevant, and it has been good to us. So, we like to give back in the best way we know how, by offering our time and team of specialized consultants.

Let Osborne Help Your Charity or Social Enterprise

Is yours a relatively new Calgary-based charity or social enterprise that you believe is addressing an under-served segment of our community? You have a passionate, driven Executive Director and a Board with underdeveloped potential. You may be Southern Alberta’s best kept (not-for-profit) secret. However, you have more than your share of challenges.  You aren’t funded by any level of government and you’re struggling to develop the capacity to deliver on your programming. You’re living from grant to grant and the donations can’t come in fast enough. You’re not sure if your strategic plan is realistic and if your governance model is suitable, but at this point you can’t afford the professional assistance to help you address all these issues.

Perhaps we can help?

We are looking to provide a hands-up to one Calgary-based charity or social enterprise. The not-for-profit sector has been extremely good to us and our dedicated team wants to give back.

There is no catch. You don’t have to pitch to win, you don’t need a 20-page proposal responding to five pages of criteria. You just need to tell us who you are, what you do, and why it matters. Send us that, plus the bio of the Executive Director and list of Board members. If you get our attention we will meet with you and the Board and draw up a plan.

We would like to hear from you by March 19th so that our team can make its decision by mid-April.

Oh, and thank you for what you do; you are an important part of the fabric that keeps our community strong and relevant!

Our Clients

We’ve been fortunate enough to work with some very impressive not-for-profits, social enterprises and companies. To download our client list as a PDF, please click here.

Representative Case Studies

Below are case studies showcasing the successes we’ve had working with our not-for-profit and social enterprise clients.

A Sampling of Our Not-For-Profit & Social Enterprise Clients

B.C. Seafood Alliance
Big Brothers Big Sisters Canada
Calgary Addiction and Mental Health Council
Calgary Bridge Foundation for Youth
Calgary Construction Association
Calgary International Film Festival
Canadian Cancer Society
Canadian Constitution Foundation
Canadian Diabetes Association
Champions Career Centre
Chiniki Cultural Centre
Foothills Foundation
Garneau United Assisted Living
Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park Foundation
Habitat for Humanity – Red Deer
Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Association
Impact Society
Kootenay Rockies Innovation Council
Lougheed House
Meticulon/Autism Calgary
Mustard Seed Ministries
Simon House Recovery Centre
Stockmens Memorial Foundation
Strathcona Health Society

A Marketing Department of A National Association Required New Course Material to be Delivered Over Multiple Platforms

An Addiction Treatment and Recovery Centre Was in Need of an Interim CEO to Help Stabilize the Organization and Lead the Process to Find and Transition to New Leadership

An International Festival Required a Capacity Expansion Plan to Allow the Organization to Significantly Increase Financial Resources Over a Three Year Period

A Start-Up Social Enterprise Required an Environmental Scan to Determine What Service Offering Would be Successful and Scalable, and to Identify Potential Partners

A Community Association Required a Plan for a Saturday’s Farmers’ Market that Would Draw Patrons From Other Parts of the City

Financial Best Practices to Align With a New Organizational Structure Was Required for a Large Provincial Not-for-Profit Organization


A Charitable Non-Profit Society Needed a Project Leader to Develop Key Deliverables Including a Financial and Operational Analysis of its Business Model

A Strategic Marketing and Sales Plan was Developed for a Not-for-Profit Foundation

A Not-for-Profit Charitable Organization Needed Leadership During the Transition Following the Departure of the Executive Director

A Human Resources Industry Sector Council Needed Research, Analysis and Recommendations to Generate Revenue