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Executive Leadership

Osborne Interim Management provides high level executives to companies on a short-term basis when they’re experiencing challenges during periods of transition, crisis, rapid growth or economic uncertainty. Our interim managers temporarily fill gaps where senior executive skills are lacking, bring specialized and valuable leadership to the organizations, are accountable for their work, produce tangible results and leave the organization once the issue has been resolved, a full-time executive is in place and/or the project is completed.

Like the inuksuk, our interim managers are diverse and perform a variety of tasks. They offer direction and guidance and help companies navigate the often rugged business landscape. Pillars of strength, wisdom and integrity, our Principals work alongside our clients, as both managers and advisors, while building strong and meaningful relationships that deliver an immediate, sustainable and positive contribution.

Experience Driving Results

The Principals at Osborne Interim Management are seasoned executives with a minimum of twenty years' practical experience in the workplace. With a wealth of knowledge and wisdom our Principals bring to the job an impressive track record having worked for some of North America's most notable organizations; they've held high ranking executive positions at companies large and small, public and private, local and multi-national, as well as not-for-profit.

Benefits of using an Osborne interim manager include:

  • Responsiveness: we address your need immediately
  • Experience: wisdom from over twenty years as a senior executive
  • Diversity: applied industry experience across all core disciplines
  • Execution: we roll up our sleeves and become part of the solution
  • Accountability: we deliver performance-based results
  • Flexibility: contracts to suit your need - by the day, hour, week or project
  • Resourcefulness: access to the expertise of all Osborne Principals
  • Global: through our trusted national and worldwide partnerships

What's New

The Osborne Observer - November

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Dave Quist Joins the Osborne Team

Dave provides leadership in the not-for-profit, research and political worlds with more than two decades of experience. Click to read more.

The Benefits of Energy Management

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Osborne Welcomes Bob Hawkesworth to the Team

Bob brings a depth of knowledge and passion around energy efficiency, energy management, renewable energy projects as well as the housing industry. Click to read more.

The Osborne Observer - October

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Planning and Budgeting in a Downturn

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Client Testimonial - Glenbow Ranch Park Foundation

"Mark Olson has completed his work as Interim CEO for Glenbow Ranch Park Foundation. This is his third assignment as an interim CEO for a not-for-profit organization that I am involved with as a Director, so I am familiar with his work. The fact that I have engaged him twice more after the first speaks volumes. You can count on a good result."

Andy Crooks - Chairman of the Board

Giving Tuesday - Engage Your Board

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Case Study - Provincial Park Foundation

Faced with the sudden departure of their Executive Director just prior to Christmas, the Foundation was faced with a leadership void as planning for their 2017 season was set to get underway. To read the full case study, click here.

Case Study - Sunrise Soya Foods

A senior operations manager with Osborne Interim Management was assigned in a project leadership role to work with the CEO of Sunrise Soya Foods and his management team as the company approached a transitional phase in its corporate development and growth. To read the full case study, click here.

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